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Orest Maximov
Orest Maximov

Zombie Island Items Tool V1.0

upon defeating them, the player will receive a series of items from the zombies: a zombie fungal skin, a zombie siren skin, a strong back skin, a tombstone skin, a machete skin, a corpse fodder skin, and a self-portrait. the player will also receive a canopy stalker skin and a zombie fungal skin from a large zombie that is further down the hallway, which requires the player to knock it out of the path of their elevator with a baseball bat. once it is knocked out, the player can use the elevator to continue down to the basement, where they will find another locked door, requiring a key to open, which will lead the player to a room with two doors. opening either door will teleport the player into the first of the vanguard pvp maps, clash at glacier.

Zombie Island Items Tool V1.0

upon reaching the main map, the player will encounter an enemy player wearing a puddle stalker skin. if the player kills the enemy player, they will receive a gladiator's boot, a vampire's fang, a zombie's brain, and an enemy skin from the enemy player, in addition to a sacrificial scripture from the zombie, and an experience bonus. if the player chooses to stand still, they will receive two sacrificial scriptures from the zombie and an experience bonus.

included in the first set of items is the gorenko anti-tank rifle. this weapon is designed specifically to stop a tank. it fires a dense amount of black bullets. when black bullets hit something they turn into a black grenade. black grenades have a huge hitbox and will always hit something. they are designed to instantly destroy vehicles.


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